Pass the Peas, Please - Food Gems on the Palouse.

I was talking with my friend Cari the other day about lentils and their health benefits. A couple of days later, my uncle John and I went to a little shop and I found a little gift set thingy full of lentils and chickpeas.

These simple foods are healthy, local, and low cal. They are also CHEAP! On Day 1 of my little adventure, I am making lentils and peas a staple in my diet. I already experimented with a simple recipe that even Amy liked. Amy, who hates healthy foods, really liked it! It made me so happy! I am going to try to put a second page on here for my recipes with notes. We will see if I am suavy enough.

More about lentils:

Did you know that 80% of them are grown right here on the Palouse? The rest are grown in N. Dakota, Montana, and Oregon. They grow awesome in our beautiful soil; rich volcanic soil and summy days with cool nights keep them growing strong.

They are so good for you. They are high in protein, dietary fiber, iron, and folate. Yay! They will help me pooh. I think I just admitted to poohing problems on the internet.

They can be stored indefinately when kept cool and dry. Great food storage!

Even though they are veggies, they actually fall in the Meat category on the food pyramid.

Lentils were found in Egyptian tombs built over 4 thousand yrs ago!

They don't need soaking like beans. This makes them easy to cook up without planning your meal ahead of time!

To check out more about lentils:

USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council
for nutrition info

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    It is always suggested to log your progress in a diary when you are trying to lose weight. This is my version of a log of my progress on my goal. I thought a public log would motivate me more and help me find support. This project is not about losing weight (although I suspect and hope that weight loss will be a side effect). It is about living life the way I have always wanted to: Healthy, Active, and Happy!

The Goal

I realized while talking to my uncle John that I am living someone else's life. That changes today. The next 365 days will be devoted to becoming myself again.

The Goals:

Decrease my overall ecological footprint.

Focus on healthy nutrition and eating habits.

Eat locally and in season.

Only eat meat when necessary in social situations. Fish is still on the ok list.

Exercise daily.

Take care of myself; I am important!

No more complacency. It doesn't start tommorrow; it starts right now.