Book Sneeze....

So, I am trying out Book Sneeze. Thanks Allanna for the heads up on this site. You request books and they send them to you (for free) to review.....

Just waiting on my first one!

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Allanna said...

Which book did you request?
(The one sitting on the counter for me to review next is one on Paul Revere. In case you wondered. ^_^)

Brooke said...

I requested After the Hangover. It made me laugh because the other person who had reviewed it, reviewed it as if it was a self help book about alcoholism, but it is really about politics and the hangover caused by the conservative administration....

Made me laugh.

So, how is Paul Revere?

Allanna said...

Honestly, I just got it Monday and haven't even cracked the cover! #^.^#

Once I've read it, I'll post a review ... and get some new book. ^_^

Hope you enjoy yours! I'm eager to read your opinion of it!

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