Sweaty Ping Pong Balls

Since no one reads this, I don't feel bad about the slightly vulgar title. So, I have discovered that I really enjoy the Ping Pong. Does anyone of my non existant readers know of any fun variations of ping pong?

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GingerS said...

Other than beer pong? No

And beer pong being fun is debatable. I certainly wouldn't be slamming a beer after a ball that's been on someone's dirty, sweaty hand, then bounced on a dirty table, lands in the cup. Of course, I don't like beer to begin with.

Brooke said...

I have had worse things in my mouth.. I hate to admit it, but probably ping pong balls are not the dirtiest balls I have ever tasted....

he he

johnhrussell said...

Have you ever played round robin? it takes several people. You start with one person on each side of the table and a line of people on each side of the table. Each time a person hits the ping pong ball you run to the back of the line to the left of you. And another person takes over for you from the front of the line to your right - so everyone is moving clockwise. The person who takes over for you hits the returning ball and the runs to the line behind you. A person is out if they mess up (anything that would cause you to loose a volley in normal pingpong) - then they have to sit out the rest of the game. You continue to play until one person remains. When there are not enough people to keep the lines, you have to run all the way around the table.

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