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Some of the best friends I have are some of the friends I talk the least frequently with. I was thinking about this and have decided that it is so strange!

I have realized the people that I get along with the best don't need everyday attention to keep up our friendship. We can not talk for years and come back to exactly where we were before!

This is not to say that I don't have close friends that I speak to everyday...I do! I just wonder if I am a bad friend who doesn't always prioritize my friends well......

I don't know...just jabbering.

I went to Boise this weekend for Kent's Birthday and Mother's Day. It was so great to see the fam. I always get a little sad when I see everyone with there families and I am all alone, but then the joy of a million screaming kids drowns out that pain! he he

We had a pool party at the Hilton. The kids loved it! I didn't swim. I would never make anyone look at me in a bathing suit. How is it that I look better naked than in a bathing suit? Strange. I have even lost 40 pounds since December (YAYAYAYAY) and I still feel disgusting in a bathing suit. Shouldn't I look like a supermodel now?

Anyway, we had a pool party and everyone came except Kylah. She was with her dad. Bastard! Stealing my niece! Just kidding....not about the bastard part, but about the reason for feeling that he is an enema bag.

I know use enema bag instead of douche bag, because according to a Mormon friend of mine, douche bag is a bad word(s). I am sure he will enjoy my new phrase much better!

I met up with Dustin Saturday night. I was late, so I didn't get to touch Jared's arms. He was already gone. FML! I get to touch Mitch's boobs and that was pretty fulfilling. He had full handfuls and they were all muscles! Yum Yum.

I forgot how much I love Dustin! Loads of fun...thanks buddy!

I wish I could have seen more people in Boise, but those quick trips make it almost impossible.

Ummm...well this has been a dribble of ooze and crap...

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    My Diary

    It is always suggested to log your progress in a diary when you are trying to lose weight. This is my version of a log of my progress on my goal. I thought a public log would motivate me more and help me find support. This project is not about losing weight (although I suspect and hope that weight loss will be a side effect). It is about living life the way I have always wanted to: Healthy, Active, and Happy!

The Goal

I realized while talking to my uncle John that I am living someone else's life. That changes today. The next 365 days will be devoted to becoming myself again.

The Goals:

Decrease my overall ecological footprint.

Focus on healthy nutrition and eating habits.

Eat locally and in season.

Only eat meat when necessary in social situations. Fish is still on the ok list.

Exercise daily.

Take care of myself; I am important!

No more complacency. It doesn't start tommorrow; it starts right now.